Bob Menzies came to the singer-songwriter life a little later than most, starting after retiring from the business world. "It was a dream, he says, and I've been living that dream for the last six years. I wake up every day with purpose and who could ask for more! Although I started late in the game, the good news I had a lifetime of experience to draw on. I left school at 16 and went to work and  five years later had a good career going in the IT world. Then I left announcing that I would now travel the world and get the experience I need to become a writer. That led to travels throughout Europe and North Africa, then across Canada working at all manner of jobs. I ended up in California working in the fields picking grapes, selling flowers on the highway and then jumping into the world of the hobo, riding freight trains through the deep south of the US. All these adventures became the fodder for the songs I was later to write. Then, married life happened and children and so on, then business degrees again ten years later than most but leading to a great career as a professional accountant, business adviser and management consultant across Canada." 

Bob Menzies is a Roots/Blues/Americana singer-songwriter originally from Montreal and now living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. 

"An inveterate wanderer who  remains a restless spirit, he harkens back to some of our long-lost musical heroes: the troubadours, the storytellers, the minstrels. Both his debut album “Breaking Time” (2013) and his follow up “One More Highway (2014) spin stories of all manner of rogues, ne’er do wells, and lovers, echoing the folk balladry of a Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter tales of a Chris DeBurgh and the country sounds of a John Prine." - Jaimie Vernon, President, Bulleseye Records. 

"Bob Menzies has a knack for strong hooks and infectious choruses that make songs feel like old friends...songwriting reminiscent of Dylan and Hiatt." -  John Taylor, Blinded By Sound

"brilliant, tight, rockin', tough songs... Springsteen-like vocals drenched in the rich eclectic melodies of American folk and rock..." -   Mike White Presents, London, UK

Bob's  influences range from folk singers Leadbelly and Odetta to the folk-rockers Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Phil Ochs. He loves the Mississippi Delta blues, country and good old rock and roll, from Robert Johnson to Elvis to John Lee Hooker.  He has written and recorded 6 albums of original material since 2012 in Toronto, Nashville and Los Angeles. He has performed across Canada, at nightclubs, coffee shops, festivals, and has performed  as the Artist On Board on The Canadian, the railroad adventure that crosses Canada, entertaining folks on the train and in the Railroad Stations of Vancouver, Jasper and Winnipeg.  His most recent recording is the EP "In The Company of Strangers, recorded in the fall of 2017 at  Stagg  Street Studios in Los Angeles.


Bob likes to tell the stories behind the songs and sees himself as carrying on the tradition of the troubadours and bards of old.

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